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Stuart Mellor

Managing Director

The expert on the shop floor, Stuart has the knowledge to ensure that all items coming in and out are handled with extreme care and goods are being dispatech to exceed customers expectation. Gaining 37 years of experience at the company, he has vast knowledge to guide our team of Polishers

Martin Almond

Managing Director

Handling the sales side of the business, Martin is committed to do doing right by our customers first class service starts with the first interaction. Working hard to ensure that he keeps the production team driving the products on the shop floor

Lynne Mellor

Production Manager

Lynne is here to drive the team to ensure the deadlines are met for our customers. Planning and organising the work to aid the best productivity from the staff. Keeping a tight ship is what she does best.

Meet the Team: Meet the Team

David Mellor

Centreless Specialist

David is now the third generation of 'Mellor' and is already showing himself of the maturity to one day be running the business


Conrad Black

Supervisor / Senior Polisher

Conrad has grown with business, starting his career after leaving school, well respected within the shop floor by his peers. Always there to guide and support the team, from new recruits to even more experienced team members

Meet the Team: Meet the Team
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